Families fight for full-strength medical marijuana in FL

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Who would have believed it? A generation ago, it would have been laughable, but now you can have medical marijuana delivered to your doorstep or go to a dispensary and buy it over the counter.

The first dispensary is in Tallahassee. It's opening today. Seventeen more are going to pop up around Florida including two in the Tampa Bay area. One is planned for a medical office park just off U.S. 19, just south of Enterprise Blvd. in Clearwater. The other will open on Dale Mabry Highway in Hillsborough County.

If you don't feel like driving, and you are an approved patient, you can have medical marijuana delivered directly to your home. The first home delivery was just made in Hudson. The patient has seizures, which the marijuana is supposed to prevent or minimize.

The form of medical marijuana that's being sold now is called Charlotte's Web. It has a low THC content. THC is the chemical that gives users that euphoric, high feeling. Soon, another form of medical marijuana is going to be sold to people who are terminally ill. That form has a much higher concentration of THC.

Right now, the number of people who have prescriptions for medical marijuana is relatively low.

But that is likely to change. Amendment 2 is going to be on the ballot again this November. According to a recent poll, almost 4 out of 5 people give a thumbs up to medical marijuana, which indicates that this time around, the amendment is probably going to pass. If it does, more people, with a number of different conditions,  will qualify for prescriptions.