Facebook post may finally get the trash taken away on busy Apopka road

The power of social media may finally help some Apopka residents get the trash taken away off of a busy roadway.

Some sounded off on social media about an overflowing dumpster that has become an eyesore for the neighborhood. 

"It makes a bad appearance for the property in the area,” Leroy Beale said.

Tires, trash bags and building materials are piled up and toppling over a dumpster near the intersection of Apopka Boulevard and Hiawassee Road. 

"I've complained to the people with the dumpster that put it there,” Beale said. “And I haven't heard back from them."

Many others have complained with no success, prompting them to take their complaints to Facebook and tagging Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer.

"That's how I saw it,” Kilsheimer said. 

The dumpster is privately owned and actually located on county property outside of Apopka’s jurisdiction. 

"We got someone on the case and we're going to have it taken care of quickly,” Kilsheimer said. 

Apopka code enforcement said they have contacted the company three times in the past for failing to pick up the trash on the side of the road. 

Kilsheimer said he will be sure to share the results on social media. 

"It just needs to be cleaned up,”’Beale said. 

FOX 35 contacted the company responsible for cleaning up the mess. They said they will send someone out to assess the situation and hope to have it all cleaned up by Wednesday.