Florida couple gifted roof repair after insurance drops their homeowners coverage

For the last nearly 50 years, NOAA reports the U.S. has been impacted by 378 weather events that have caused some $1 billion in damage.

Cities across Florida rank highest in the risk of natural disasters. That also means that Floridians pay some of the highest insurance premiums, including in Central Florida.

"Sometimes, after a storm or something, we might get the after-effects by the wind, a lot of wind and lot of rain that would blow off our rooftop a little bit, shingles," said Paulette.

She and her husband, Elliot Thompson, have lived in their home in Clermont for nearly 50 years. 

They've had home insurance for as long as they've lived in Clermont until their insurance company told them recently that they would drop their coverage due to the condition of their roof.

"I think it’s outdated, old, and they’re not responsible for it," he said. "We’ve been with the insurance company ever since we’ve been here 46 years," said Thompson.

The Thompsons shopped for a new roof and insurance, which was going to be expensive. 

"If it was hail, fire or storm or something like that, we would’ve had to pay a thousand dollars deductible," said Paulette.


Florida homeowners pay some of the highest rates in the country. One insurance agent told FOX 35 that the average Florida homeowner pays $4,000 more yearly than many in the U.S. 

Fortunately, a local company heard the Thompsons' story and gifted them a new roof to help alleviate that burden.

"Elliott’s told me some of the things he’s accomplished in keeping the neighborhood in a standard in which is needed to be and everything they’re going through raising grandkids and still taking care of kids, I felt the need to help them," said Michael Pagano, of APC Roofing, who delivered the good news.

At first, Elliot thought it was too good to be true.

"My reaction was, is this some type of gimmick? I was scared to go for it, so they assured me there was nothing behind it, but I get a free roof," he said.

The new roof is expected to be installed in the next few months. However, the Thompsons still have to find a new homeowner's policy, especially since hurricane season is here.