‘Dry January' may set pace for healthier year, according to study

According to a new study from the United Kingdom, you may want to lay off the alcoholic drinks, at least to start 2019.

The study from the University of Sussex found that a "Dry January" can lead to better health and financial benefits throughout the year.

The study followed 800 participants through last year and found those who didn’t drink at all in the first month of the year reported a number of benefits.

Of those: 93 percent had a sense of achievement, 88 percent saved more money, 80 percent felt more in control of their drinking, 70 percent had generally improved help, 58 percent lost weight, and 54 percent reported having better skin; to name a few.

According to a press release from the university, the study results were self-reported by participants and the 800 whose results counted were the remainder by August 2018 of more than 2,800 who started the study in January 2018.

Dry January is a program from Alcohol Change UK that has even launched an app to help people take part in the challenge.


WOFL reported this story from Lake Mary, Florida.