Driver arrested after road rage incident caught on camera

FOX 7 was in downtown Austin when a road rage incident escalated, while our camera was rolling. It was so violent, someone could have been hurt. The driver hit two cars before driving through a barricade and, speeding off. 

Austin Police say the driver was later arrested after crashing into other vehicles and coming to a stop. 

The wheels keep turning as this driver is caught on several cameras spinning in place. 

"She needs to move her car, she needs to move her car," driver yelling. 

A Capital Metro employee is seen trying to help as the woman who's car was hit calls 911. But, it doesn't help. The driver continues to honk.

"He didn't seem stable. I don't know what was going through him at that moment but it was really scary because he was trying to push my car through the intersection," says woman who was rear-ended.

She says things started at 8th and Guadalupe Wednesday evening, that's when she says her car was first hit. Then just before 6:00 p.m., she says the driver rear-ends her again at the intersection of 4th and Guadalupe. 

"He admitted that he rear-ended me but he was just like, 'Whatever, sorry, no big deal.' I said, 'No, it is a big deal. It's not okay," says woman who was rear-ended. 

He honks for about five minutes, refusing to stop - ultimately backing up and hitting another car, then slamming into a barricade and speeding off. 

"When he finally was able to make a getaway, he did it in a really dangerous way that was kind of swerving and he could have hit a pedestrian or a bike rider," says woman who was rear-ended. 

Everyone at the bus stop along Guadalupe couldn't believe their eyes, rushing to the woman's side. Andre McDade saw the whole thing. 

"His tires are burning out. I mean, you can just smell it. It smells toxic in the road and his car is leaking fluid and this guy is going at it... beeping, honking on the horn non-stop. It was very clear that he was amped up on something, his eyes were bloodshot red. He's just pretty oblivious to the whole situation. He's looking at me, right in my eyes and I'm like dude, seriously? So it was very clear he was just not there. He was definitely under the influence of something," says Andre McDade, witness. 

The driver was in a silver BMW with Texas dealer license plates. People we spoke with say this was road rage to the max. 

"I think he needs to understand the gravity of his decision making, what led him to drive so erratically and the danger he is posing to other drivers and pedestrians," says woman who was rear-ended.

Austin Police say he will likely face a charge of leaving the scene of a collision, if not other charges.