Caught on camera: Dolphin attacks trainer at Miami Seaquarium

The man who recorded a dolphin attacking a trainer at a Miami aquarium is now talking about what he saw.

The video shows the animal ramming into its trainer during a show at the Miami Seaquarium.

Shannon carpenter says members of the audience were confused over whether it was part of the show. 

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"All of a sudden it's like nothing's happening. There are two girls in the water. You don't see the dolphins. And then one of the trainers kind of gets pushed out of the water. And the kids are still clapping and cheering. They're not sure, they think everything's normal. The adults are going ‘is this part of the show?’"

The owner of the aquarium calls it all an accident. They say the trainer and dolphin collided during the show causing the dolphin to be scratched, so the dolphin reacted by striking the woman.

Both are okay.

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