Dogs can be mermaids this summer at the pool with these adorable life jackets

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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a mermaid, then be a mermaid.

Your dog may not love you for it, but there are mermaid life jackets on the market that will leave your pup feeling like the enchanted sea creature they are while keeping them safe in the water.

These life jackets are fairly widespread on Amazon from a variety of sellers. They come in different sizes and colors, including pink and blue. The life jackets have a shiny set of fish scales and a mermaid tail that flaps behind as your dog paddles in the pool.

The mermaid life jacket, which comes with adjustable buckles, could come in handy if your pet is still learning to swim or riding in a boat.

There's even a grab handle making it easy to pull your pup out of the water.

One YouTube user posted a review of her Jack Russell Terrier in the life jacket, who said her favorite part was “the absolutely adorable” fish tail.

A quick scroll through #MermaidLifeJacket on Instagram will lead you to many dogs partying their tails off in pools and lakes everywhere.


If you do decide to make your dog a mermaid this summer, the only rule is that you post videos. Lots of videos.