District: Heated confrontation at Pine Ridge HS prompted by racial tension

There was nothing but team spirit at the Pine Ridge High School football game in Deltona on Friday evening, but it's what happened off the field during the school day that forced the district to have extra supervision at the game.

“I immediately decided I'm going to go to the school and get them out because I'm concerned for their safety because anything can happen,” said parent George Colon.

District officials say a verbal confrontation broke out near the end of the lunch period involving a number of students -- an automated message was sent out by the principal to parents.

“We had a number of students involved in a verbal, and I stress verbal, exchange. Students were directed to report to class, and did so. As a precaution, we did not conduct the class change between 6th and 7th period. We had extra supervision on campus for dismissal and extra supervision will be on hand for this evening's football game,” said principal John Atkinson in a recorded voicemail.

District officials say the verbal argument was racial in nature,  which concerns parents like Colon who has two students  at the school.

"This is something that shouldn't happen, we should all be concerned, minorities, whites, any particular race we should all be able to be concerned  and unite, we're all one person," Colon said.

The principal also urged parents to monitor their children's social media activity closely.

"I am sure that there is a multitude of chatter on social media. I strongly encourage all parents to closely monitor their child's use of social media and promptly report any serious issues to law enforcement," said Atkinson during the recorded voicemail to parents.

Atkinson also told parents that students identified  who violated the district code of conduct will be disciplined.