Disney World plans to reopen, despite spike in COVID-19 cases

Despite a spike in COVID-19 cases and calls to postpone the reopening, a Walt Disney World spokesperson confirms to FOX 35 News that the parks will reopen in July as scheduled.

All eyes are on Disney's Florida parks after Disneyland in California postponed its reopening plans amid a wave of new COVID-19 cases there.  Disney is still negotiating with unions that work at Disneyland, who are concerned about public health due to COVID-19.

Many are now wondering if Disney World will follow suit due to Florida’s spike in cases. The Actor’s Equity Association is calling for the “Mouse House” to hold the gates.  There is also an online petition with more than 10,000 signatures and

Robert Niles, the editor of ThemeParkInsider.com, said Disney World could decide to delay opening at any point.

“I wouldn’t rule it out at this stage. I wouldn’t rule anything out," he added. "This is really a day-to-day situation at this point."

So what makes Florida different from California? The number of coronavirus cases are matched. Niles said Disneyland was never given the okay to reopen.

“They haven’t gotten permission from the state of California yet. In fact, no theme parks in California have. The state said they won’t even issue guidelines for reopening theme parks in the state until sometime after the Fourth of July,” said Niles.

Disney World had the all-clear to reopen nearly a month ago. Also, a possible factor in the decision to delay Disneyland is that no ticket reservations had been taken. Here in Florida, tickets are already booked.

“This would be the second cancellation for some people, and I think people are understanding when something like this happens and they have to cancel once, when you’re starting to do multiple cancellations on them and you’re stringing them along, that’s when people get frustrated,” said Niles.

The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom open July 11. Epcot, and Hollywood Studios will reopen July 15.