Deputies: Pregnant woman robbed, attacked

Orange County deputies are searching for the thief who attacked a pregnant woman and took off with an expensive necklace.  It's the same day, she went into labor.

Julie Antoine says she was taking a walk to help relieve her contractions, when a guy attacked her, putting her pregnancy at risk and taking off with a very special necklace.

"When he snatched the chain he put it in his pocket and proceeded to walk past me like nothing happened. I was like what did you do that for, and I'm thinking in my mind what just happened did this really happen?"

Antoine says she was attacked two weeks ago, while she was 9 months pregnant. Deputies say the thief got away with a gold chain worth $1,500.

"I've had the necklace for about 10 years, somebody gave it to me for a birthday gift. What hurts the most, is that I know he most likely sold it for next to nothing if he did get it sold."

It happened as Julie was walking along Long Road at 10:30 in the morning. When she threatened to call  police, that's when the suspect reached for her phone.

"The minute he touched me, I pulled back and ran into the road, that's when he was trying to get to me, because I was calling police.  Had he tripped me or pushed me down, he could have killed my child.  I'm pretty sure he didn't think about that."

She watched helplessly as five to six cars passed by, but no one stopped to help.

"I was kind of surprised that it happened because I always walk that road and I always say hi to everybody and nobody's ever attacked me before."

But on the same day she lost an expensive necklace, she also gained something much more precious.

"This is Janelle. It was on her due date when the incident happened."

As Julie holds baby Janelle, she realizes what's really important.

"The chain is a chain, you can't replace a life."

Deputies say the suspect has twisty style black hair with blonde tips. He also has tattoos on his upper chest and right arm. Call Crimeline if you have any information at 800-423 TIPS (8477).