Deputies plan search for missing Edgewater teen, family fears worst

Volusia County sheriff’s deputies will search Rotary Park in Edgewater Wednesday morning in the search for 18-year-old Ashlyn Bowman.

“There’s a reason why, somebody’s not letting her come home or she’s been hurt somehow,” said Pauline Chaffee.

Pauline and Jerry Chaffee are starting to fear the worst about the safety of their granddaughter, Ashlyn Bowman.

“Monday afternoon I called and she answered me and asked me if she could stay over a friend’s and I said yes,” Chaffee said.

That was the last they had spoken to her on June 20, soon after she was reported missing -- now the New Smyrna Beach High School senior has been missing for  nearly a month, which her grandparents say isn’t like her.

“She has no reason to run away and she definitely wouldn’t do this to hurt us, no way,” said Jerry Chaffee.

“It was just no indication of anything being wrong,” said Pauline Chaffee.

Wednesday morning the Volusia County Sheriff’s office will conduct a second search in the vicinity of Rotary Park in Edgewater, which investigators believe was Ashlyn’s last known location.

“It’s going to be a typical ground search or grid search where they go in a methodical fashion and cover the terrain and look for anything that may be connected to Ashlyn’s disappearance and maintain the integrity of the scene and anything they may find,” said Gary Davidson of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

At this point investigators say they simply don’t know if there could be foul play.

“We know that she’s been missing for nearly a month and we’ve had some reported sightings but we haven’t been able to corroborate any of them,” Davidson said.

Meanwhile volunteers have been posting flyers at  Rotary Park with Ashlyn’s picture, hoping someone will come forward with information.

“Everyone wants to help so we just want to utilize every bit of that as we can,” said Dorothy Schmitt.
Bowman lived with her grandparents.

Anyone with information on her disappearance should contact the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office at 386-409-8276 or the Edgewater Police Department at 386-424-2000.