Deputies: Burglar 'makes himself at home' for 19 hours inside Gainesville business

Deputies said a man broke into a business on SW 24th Avenue last month, but it's what he did inside that was so bizarre, they said.

Alachua County sheriff's deputies said Anthony Hickey made himself at home inside Infinite Energy in Gainesville on the morning of May 21, while workers were gone for the weekend.

Alachua County Sheriff's Office Sargent Chris Sims said, "He obviously is a milk drinker. He found some milk there in the carton. We see him on surveillance walking around with it, as if it was a place that he lived in."

For 19 hours, deputies said he got comfortable. You see him on surveillance video with a carton of milk, a whole plate of food from the break room, and an employee's blanket.

Sgt. Sims said, "I believe one of the ladies whose grey blanket was stolen said it looks like someone slept on the couch right there in her office. He made himself at home."

Hickey got away with a flat screen TV. A worker saw the damage the following morning and called the cops.
Deputies posted screen shots of the video to Facebook, which led them to Hickey.

Sgt. Sims explained, "Very bizarre, very unusual. He won't speak to us. So to know the clear motive of why he came there and stayed there is unbeknownst to us."

Hickey is in jail facing charges Friday, Deputies said he is still denying he had anything to do with this.