Delaware State Trooper surprises boy with basketball sneakers after striking up friendship on court

 A Delaware State trooper surprised a boy with new basketball sneakers after becoming fast friends on the court. The two even caught the attention of NBA superstar Steph Curry.

"I'm super excited to be at the game, more so super excited to be here with one of my best friends for life," Delaware State Trooper Joshua Morris.

Trooper Morris and fourth grader Rocky Allen were excited to be at the Sixers/Warriors game at the Wells Fargo Center Monday night as guests of Golden State superstar Steph Curry. 

Rocky Allen's mom gave him the incredible news.

"She called me downstairs and I said yeah and she said we are going to a 76ers Warriors game and we started getting happy," he said.


The special invite coming after Trooper Morris posted cell phone video on Instagram while playing basketball with some kids after getting off his shift. He asked the 9-year-old who was standing on the sidelines to record and Allen decided to add his own play-by-play.

Trooper Morris's mission is to build bonds in the community. He surprised Allen with a pair of Steph Curry sneakers and $50.

Cury even commented on the post saying, "That's how you do it right there."

"His mindset, his logo is changing game for good and me buying sneakers is changing lives for good, changing relationships for good," Morris said.

Trooper Morris even attended an awards ceremony at Allen's school. A bond built through basketball.

"I think of him as a leader. He's like a sibling-like related to me, brother, best friends," Allen said.


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