Daytona teens arrested for stealing an AR-15

Daytona Beach Police said 19 year-old Joseph Summerall and 2 minors were arrested for breaking into a home and stealing an AR15 rifle.

On Monday, just before 2 pm, officers were called to the 600 block of South Lanvale Ave. where they said neighbors reported 2 teens breaking into a home and then running into a wooded area.

When officers arrived, DBPD spokesperson Lyda Longa said they found the weapon and some other key items stashed in that wooded area.

"One of them had their book bag with his school work in it and his name on the schoolwork, some of the items were inside the book bag, and then the weapon was next to the book bag,” said Longa.

Police said a short time later they returned to the area for reports of a teen, matching the description of the teen neighbors saw before, frantically searching the woods, and a strange car circling the neighborhood.

Longa said it seems the teens were searching for that stash.

"Then they found out we had already gotten there and we arrested them,” she said.

Summerall, a 16 year-old, and a 17 year-old were all arrested. Summerall appeared before a judge on Tuesday and received a $20,000 bond on a felony charge of armed burglary. It’s unclear if a 4th teen in the vehicle was arrested or will be charged.

Longa said the weapon as well as ammunition, money, and a pair of binoculars were returned to the resident who they were stolen from.