'Haven’t felt a sense of normalcy': Daughter of slain Daytona Beach couple speaks year after Bike Week murders

Monday marked the one-year remembrance of a couple who was brutally murdered as they bicycled home from Bike Week festivities in Daytona Beach. We talked to their daughter about the tragic loss.

"I haven’t felt a sense of normalcy and I haven’t felt myself ever since this happened." 

Sara Turner said it has been a year since her mother and stepfather, Brenda and Terry Aultman, were stabbed to death.  She shared a video that Brenda took around five to six months before her death in which she tells Sara, "I love you." 

Sara explained, "to tell me she had loved me. They had ridden their bicycles to the beach at a restaurant and I just watch it over and over, just to hear her voice and hear the way she tells me she loves me."

Sara wants justice after a court recently ruled the suspect in the Altmans' murder, Jean Mccean, incompetent to stand trial. He is currently getting treated for mental illness, so that court proceedings can resume. "I think he’s faking it because he’s trying to get out of the death penalty," Sara said. "He should still be punished for brutally murdering my parents for absolutely no reason."

She has also been talking to lawmakers about cracking down on illegal immigrants. "A violent crime, anything like that, they would immediately be deported."

Sara said her mother always told her that everything happens for a reason.  Yet she wonders what the reason could have been for their deaths. "Maybe it was to bring a message out to the world, for people not to take life for granted, not let the little things bother you, and live to the fullest because we only have one life and take advantage of it."

She said she's trying to get back to living life the way her mother would want her to. "To be an inspiration for others and hope that I can make her proud."

Macean is a Haitian immigrant and was first arrested in 2019 on drug charges, which were later dropped under former State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s supervision.  If convicted, prosecutors will seek the death penalty.