Daughter of Osceola County 'Most Wanted' suspect talks about why he needs to be caught

The Osceola County sheriff said his agency is on the lookout for a suspect accused of the sexual battery of two minors.

Davie Albarran, 50, is wanted for multiple warrants for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious molestation of two young girls, according to Sheriff Marcos Lopez.

"Now it’s time to catch this trash. This monster," he said.  "There’s no other way to describe this garbage. Arrest him and stick him in jail for 100 years."

Sheriff Lopez said Albarran is one of Osceola County’s "Most Wanted." Albarran daughter, Ana, said she wants her father behind bars. That’s why she created a social media post with claims of what he allegedly did to her. 

"Please share and paint the city with his face. My father Davie Albarran is a pedo, he's on the run and the cops are looking for him."    

The 32-year-old claims, her father acted inappropriately with her when she was a child and was stunned when she heard about these latest accusations. 

"When I posted it, so many people said, gave me messages saying you know what, your dad did that to me too."

Sheriff Lopez said, "She was posting things on Facebook and now other people have seen this post, and now they’re starting to come forward. We really need them to contact our detectives."

Sheriff Lopez said if you see Davie Albarran, call them. 

"The public’s help and cooperation is really, really important."

If you know where the suspect is, call Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (847).