Dangerous rip currents along the coast as Memorial Day crowds head to the beach

It is a very busy weekend along the coast, with thousands of people heading to the beach for the Memorial Day holiday.

Brevard County Ocean Rescue wants to remind beachgoers to have a good time but play safe, as the water has dangerous rip currents in it. 

There are dangerous rip currents in both Brevard and Volusia County. On Saturday, Volusia County had to rescue 20 people out of the water.

If you get caught in a rip current, do not try to swim straight back to the beach. Instead, swim to the left or right until you are out of its pull and then swim back to the shore. If you cannot do that, wave to get a lifeguard's attention so they can save you.

The Brevard County Ocean Rescue says that they will have all hands on deck this weekend. They also want people to remember to always swim in front of a lifeguard.