Customers disappointed by Premium Outlets paid parking

If you shop at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, near Lake Buena Vista, expect to pay for some parking spots. A spokesperson for Simon Properties said they did it to ease congestion, but some customers say it's disappointing.

It's a shoppers paradise here at the outlet mall, but a parking pain just to get there. 

"It's pretty bad, not good," said customer Colin Belcher, with his wife, Maria, adding, "We have to drop the girls off to wait, then go and park.  Then, we struggle trying to find them afterwards. That's really annoying."

And to top it off, now customers have to pay $10 just to park in the covered garage.

"Just annoyed, because they make enough profit from us anyway. That's how I feel," said customer Svein Lende. "I'm a bit surprised."

Customers can also reserve parking using the MyPark mobile app -- up to two hours for $3 and another $3 for each additional hour.  That's for both the Orlando Premium Outlet location, as well as the Florida Mall. 

"It makes me feel like not going to the mall at all," Lende added. 

Locals can park for free in valet from 10 to 11 a.m. through the Florida Residents program, but you need to get a special pass from guest services first.  A spokesperson from Simon properties says there are 1,500 open spaces for guests, but we discovered you often have to wait for someone to leave or circle around. 

Customer Ann Margaret said, "If I had other choices, I'd go somewhere else." 

Some customers like Belcher said it's anything but a good deal. 

"Go somewhere else! We just go somewhere else, because we don't pay for parking.  They get enough profit from the money we spend."

You can download the MyPark app on your cell phone to reserve a space.