Crowd protests GOP healthcare plan in front of Sen. Rubio's Orlando office

Crowds gathered in the rain on Wednesday afternoon, in front of the Orlando office of U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.  They came to show their opposition to the Republican healthcare plan, which is being debated in the United States Senate.

Leslie Holmes has a son with cerebral palsy, and she fears his life will drastically change by cuts made to Medicaid.

"My son lives and dies by Medicaid. Don't cut it. Don't cut it. Do what you promised. Do not cut it," Holmes said.

However, Sen. Rubio says that won't happen, though the Republican junior senator from Florida has not revealed how he will vote.  In a Facebook live video posted earlier in the day, the senator says Floridians won't lose Medicaid.

"As long as Florida keeps the same amount of funding or gets an increase, which is what we're working on ... there is no reason for anybody to be losing any of their current benefits under Medicaid," he said.  .

Demonstrators also protested in DC. Sixty-eight people were arrested.