Crooks creep near kids on couch

Heart-stopping video shows a man creeping through the front door of a Rockledge family’s home. He looks around on a desk then snatches a cell phone inches away from a teenager sleeping on the couch.  

You can see as he passes the phone out the door then starts rummaging next to another sleeping teen.  Things get even scarier when you take a closer look, to see a pistol popping through the door frame, carried by another suspect.   It happened in early Saturday morning. 

“I was totally shocked,” neighbor Benji Cox told FOX 35.  “I think it’s absolutely horrible.  You got children laying there on the couch and they’re walking around them if one of them kids would’ve woken up, what would you have done?”

From a kitchen camera, you can see the burglar casually walking towards the back of the house where two  adults were asleep. 

“We’ve never had anything in this neighborhood ever and I’ve lived here in 1992,” said Benji. 

And get this, the family has a sophisticated security system, but they were not using it that night, they say, because the kids kept going in and out the front door. 

According to the Brevard County Sheriffs Office, the accused burglars got away with a gun, a smartphone and several credit cards. 

“I’m glad things worked out where no one got hurt, especially them kids,” said Benji. 

He warns the crooks, don’t think about coming back to the neighborhood. 

“We’re well armed in this neighborhood, we’ll shoot you first and then ask you questions.”

Surveillance video shows the suspects rummaged through the victim’s car parked in the driveway before entering the house.  Deputies say the suspects were in and out of the house twice.

The victim’s tell FOX 35 they’re in the process of further upgrading their security system.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Agent Maria Fernez at 321-633-7162, or CRIMELINE at 800- 423- TIPS (8477).