Crews battling massive brush fire in Marion County

If you walk outside and the smell of smoke is in the air, this is probably why.

Fire crews in Marion County are keeping a close eye on a massive brush fire that broke out on Wednesday. Spotters have been at the scene all night long making sure nothing re-ignites.

The fire is contained in the Ocala National Forest, but it's not completely under control. Originally, it was 750-acres when it broke out. It has now been knocked down to 505-acres.

Marion County Fire Rescue, along with Florida and U.S Forestry, used an air tanker and 5 helicopters to drop buckets of water on the flames.

Dozens of people in 50 homes were evacuated as a precaution, but they're back home and their properties are no longer threatened

First responders say there are a lot of very thick, very dense sand pine trees in the forest, making it difficult to fight the flames.

This heat wave isn't helping either.

"We're about 16 days or so from our last significant rain. Hopefully some rain will come in and help us out." Incident Commander David Quisenberry tells Fox 35.

Fire spotters remain on scene to monitor any flare-ups.