CPAC putting Florida Republicans in the spotlight

It’s being called the Super Bowl for Republicans. In fact, the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orlando, is sold out. The Conservative Political Action Committee conference is going on the road, being hosted in Orlando, starting Thursday.

"Orlando for the last four days of February 2021 is going to be the epicenter, the capital of the Republican conservative movement in the United States of America," said Charles Hart, chairman of the Orange County Republican Party.

Thousands of conservatives are coming together to build a vision for the Republican Party but also for future candidates to state their case.

"This is a wonderful opportunity to tell the conservative base, the Republican base, who you are and what you believe in," Hart said.

Hart said Florida Republicans will have home-field advantage, like Governor Ron DeSantis, who will deliver remarks to kick-off the event.

Orange County Democratic Party Chair Wes Hodge agrees.

"I really want to see the Democratic Party take note of this and make sure that we’re putting the same resources into Florida," said Wes Hodge, Orange County Democratic Party chair.

Hodge says the event gives Republicans an advantage in the Sunshine State and Democrats should do the same.

"We’ve got to keep an eye on who we want to be our flag bearer for the Democratic party and start doing events like this to elevate them and their profile here in Florida," Hodge said.

Former President Trump will be closing the conference with a speech Sunday. It’s rumored that he may announce his campaign for 2024.

"This is going to be the first opportunity President Trump has had since leaving office to be able to talk about his plans for the future," Hart said.

Hodge says if Trump runs again, no problem.

"We just beat him. I’ll be happy to do it again," Hodge said.