Florida vaccine sites, schools prepare to administer shots to 12-15 group

Seminole County is getting ready to vaccinate more teenagers as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to authorize the COVID-19 vaccine for young adults, ages 12 to 15 years old.

The FDA is expected the approve Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine this week. Seminole County says they're preparing for the new rollout and will be ready within days of when it's approved for the new group.

"It will take a few days after the vote to start administering the shots, we’re ready though," said the Director of Seminole County Emergency Management Alan Harris. 

Harris says he doesn't expect an influx of parents bringing their children in to get the vaccine, but says the demand is there.

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"There are two sides to this, there’s the side oh my kid is never going to get it, and then there’s the other side that’s like we want to go on vacation, and we want to get our kids vaccinated so they can get on a plane or a cruise and feel comfortable," said Harris.

This could impact what it looks like inside the classroom next school year, like requiring masks, or not. The Seminole County School Board will be reviewing policies in a few weeks. The Public Information Officer tells me the vaccine eligibility being lowered could help to loosen COVID-19 protocols.

"We do believe that will help things," said Michael Lawrence, the Public Information Officer with Seminole County Public Schools. "We're excited and we're looking forward to them lowering that age to 12 so more students will be able to get vaccinated. And, we know they could lower it further so we're hopeful that happens in the summer."

The district has been working with the county on plans to vaccinate the younger group inside schools after class is done for the day if their parents choose to do so.

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"School closes, the parent comes to pick up a child, and they don’t go home, instead, they go to the gym to get their vaccine and then they go home," said Harris.

"Making it convenient is going to be key for the majority of the folks that do want to get the vaccine," added Lawrence.

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