Coronavirus cases low, but increasing at UCF as students move in

The University of Central Florida is testing students for the coronavirus before they head back to the classroom.

It's cell phone videos showing college students partying without masks that have forced several universities across the country to move to virtual learning. So far at UCF, things appear quiet and far tamer.

"My professor’s just been keeping me up on everything they’ve been doing so I’m hoping that that really pans out and keeps everyone safe," said UCF senior Ryan Sirimanne.

According to the university's coronavirus dashboard, there has been an increase in positive cases. The positivity rate doubled to 2.6% in one week with new cases jumping from 14 to 92. 

That jump is largely due to move-in cases coming from students taking a required COVID-19 test upon arrival on campus.

"To be honest, restarting or at least resuming activity on campus is not something I totally agree with on the university’s part," said Sirimanne.

One of the few students who we saw on campus not wearing a mask turned Fox 35 down for an interview because he didn’t want to appear on camera without one. On the campus, most of the students here are wearing masks diligently.

"Everyone I know has come back neg so far, so we’re just chilling and wearing masks," said UCF freshman Cade Gerks.

The university is offering more than 75% of its courses online and requiring masks and social distancing on campus.

Students say not everyone is following the rules.

"I’m worried for the people who aren’t taking it seriously and are still having those large parties and not wearing masks," said Gerks.

UCF is expanding its contact tracing team and offering assistance to those affected. They say they are "monitoring health conditions closely, remaining flexible and ready to adapt if needed."

"I’m excited. Definitely have to abide by the rules or else it gets a little bit scary."