Convicted felon accused of killing tow yard owner over bill

Tremain Polk looked a little confused as he made his first appearance before a judge this afternoon.  This comes less than 24 hours after investigators say Polk shot and killed the owner of a tow truck company because he came up short on cash. 

Polk, 35, is now charged with felony first-degree murder and burglary of an occupied dwelling. 

According to Polk's arrest affidavit, his car got towed here Friday.  A staff member tells FOX 35 Polk's car was illegally parked in an apartment complex parking lot.  Records show Polk showed up with $135 dollars to get his car, and when he found out the bill was $285, he lost it. 

After trying to force his way into the office, he left.  But moments later, surveillance video reveals  Polk ran down the sidewalk jumped the barbed wire fence into the tow yard lot, bashed out windows in three cars before getting into his. 

Police say Polk tried to drive off, but was stopped by a closed bay door.  That's when police say owner Paul Gren came out.  He was armed, but OPD records say Gren never raised his weapon.  Instead, he opened the door for Polk to leave.  Instead of walking away, investigators say Polk pulled a gun from his waist band firing three shots at Gren from point blank range.

Customers trying to pick up their cars on Wednesday were shaking their head in disbelief.  Especially Eli Davis.  Two of his windows got bashed out during Polk's rage according to police. 

"A window can be replaced. A life can't.  Its very sad. Coming from two business owners over here, he was just doing his job.  It's very ery sad.   My prayers go out to his family," said Davis. 

According to the Florida Department of Corrections website, Polk has spent several years in prison on charges ranging from robbery robbery with a fire arm to aggravated battery. Records show he's been out of prison since 2012.  Orange County Clerk of Court records show Polk is married with children and he filed for divorce from his wife last month. 

Polk is now being held in the Orange County Jail on no bond.