Convicted cop killer Everett Miller's daughter takes the stand, describes him as a 'family man'

Testimony continued on Friday in the sentencing phase for Everett Miller, convicted in the murder of two Kissimmee Police Officers.

Everett Miller’s 28-year-old daughter, Renyqua, took the stand.  She told the jury about her happy childhood, growing up a “military brat” and moving around quite a bit.  She testified that her dad was a family man, attending her brother’s baseball games, teaching her how to mow the lawn and even helping her build her first computer.  Renyqua said her father was a good man and she always remembered him volunteering for Toys For Tots around the holidays ever year.

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On cross-examination, the state asked Renyqua about the last time her dad went to visit her in Tampa.  She testified that he took her shopping and gambling, paying for everything about two weeks before he killed Kissimmee Police Officer Mathew Baxter and Sgt. Sam Howard.  She says she now goes to visit him in jail once every two to three months.

A few weeks prior to murdering Sgt. Howard and Officer Matthew Baxter, Miller was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation under what is known as the Baker Act.  

Miller was homeless and living on the couch of his friend, Everade Hill, at the time. Hill told that Miller was made at his uncle for stealing $20 out of his car.  He says Miller’s uncle wanted to fight Miller but said he wouldn’t because Miller was always armed.  He testified that Miller then stripped down to his boxers to show his uncle he wasn’t armed and was then seen walking around a Kissimmee Street.  According to Hill, a young man said something to Miller about walking around in his underwear that upset Miller so he went and got an AR-15 out of his trunk.   Hill says someone told Miller that the police were on the way, so he “ditched his gun.”

The officer who arrested Miller and had him Baker-Acted told the jury that while Miller was lying in a hospital bed he was signing songs from the military.  She also testified that Miller admitted to ditching the gun once he knew officers were on the way.  The deputy who found the AR-15 testified that the weapon was loaded with 32 rounds, including a cartridge in the chamber.