Congressman Soto helps woman facing deportation

The immigration debate hits home for a local woman who is now facing deportation. Congressman Soto's office has been working with the woman to try and stop ICE from kicking her out of the county, but time is running out.

Alejandra Juarez lives in Polk County and Soto's office says she has been in the United States for more than 20 years. She is married to a U.S. veteran and has two daughters that were born here in the United States.

The congressman is sending letters to ICE, saying that sending her to Mexico would hurt the military family. He argues that she is not a danger to the community and has met with immigration officials every six months to find a way to legally stay in the county.

A spokesperson for ICE told Fox 35 that Juarez was caught attempting to enter illegally from Mexico back in 1998 and she was issued an order of removal. Sometime after that, she re-entered the United States illegally. The agency also said that Juarez was arrested in 2013 for immigration violations.

Juarez met with ICE on Tuesday and Soto's office says her deportation date later this week stands, but she has been given a grace period.