College student pleads guilty to sneaking into Mar-a-Lago

A college student has pleaded guilty to sneaking into Mar-a-Lago last fall during one of President Donald Trump's visits to his Florida club. 

University of Wisconsin student Mark Lindblom apologized Tuesday and received a year's probation after prosecutors agreed he meant no harm. 

Lindblom was visiting his grandparents at a neighboring resort on Nov. 23 when he stood in line with entering Mar-a-Lago members. The Palm Beach Post reports he walked past signs warning that only authorized people were allowed. He then went through a metal detector and Secret Service agents let him enter. 

The 19-year-old Lindblom was later confronted by agents and removed. 

Prosecutor John McMillan said the Secret Service has since tightened security. 

A Chinese national is awaiting trial on charges she illegally entered Mar-a-Lago in March.