Cold water temperatures, rough beach conditions, and dangerous wildlife keeps beachgoers away

Volusia County Beach Patrol flew the red flag on Sunday, meaning there were hazardous water conditions, including rip currents.

They also posted the purple flag, warning about beachgoers about dangerous wildlife, such as stinging jellyfish and Portuguese man o' wars.

“I think people have to heed the warnings, that's what they're there for. A lot of people don't, but that's the way it is,” said Hank Haas, who was visiting New Smyrna Beach from New York.

Despite the lifeguards' warnings, it was likely the chilly temperatures that kept folks out of the waves.

However, not everyone stayed away. Brad Christian and his family were visiting from Colorado, so ocean temperatures in the high 60s were not keeping them away.

“It's actually not too bad!” Christian said. “I thought it was gonna be colder, but the sun's out, a little bit breezy but it feels pretty good.”

Beach patrol did not have to make any rescues on Saturday. And most folks kept out of the water on Sunday, getting ready to do other things.

“Getting myself psyched up to go home and watch football!” Haas said.