Cincinnati Zoo's new baby giraffe adorably tries to stay awake

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden welcomed a new baby giraffe to their herd on Father's Day.

Tessa, a 12-year-old resident giraffe at the zoo, welcomed the 6-foot tall bundle of joy on Sunday after about an hour in labor. The zoo reports that the new calf was standing within an hour and has been nursing regularly since being born.

This is Tessa's fourth calf.

“Tessa is our super mom,” said Christina Gorsuch, curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo. “She and baby are doing well and bonding behind the scenes at Giraffe Ridge. Kimba will be reunited with the full group within a week.”

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The zoo has been posting videos of the new calf--showing it bonding with Tessa and "kicking up its heels." 

"Baby giraffes can stand within an hour of birth and run within ten hours!" the zoo wrote on Facebook.

One particular video shows the baby trying hard to stay awake on its first day in the world. It has already racked up over 139,000 views.

"When you’re so tired but you have serious FOMO! You don’t want to miss anything on your first day of life," the caption reads.

The zoo will announce at a later time when visitors can expect to see the new calf.