Church community in Altamonte Springs grieves together after deadly boating accident

Congregants at the Annunciation Catholic Church in Altamonte Springs held their first mass, Sunday morning after Thursday’s deadly boating accident on Lake Fairview. The church said the boy, whose body was recovered on Friday, was a student at the Annunciation Catholic Academy.

During the mass, Father Ivan Olmo talked about the power of prayer. "What is this thing called prayer?" he asked, "we're asked to be good stewards of it, because it is truly a gift from God."

The Orlando Fire Department said they recovered the boy's body from the lake, Friday afternoon. A second boy was also taken to Advent Health hospital after they said a bolt of lightning possibly hit near their boat on Thursday.

Worshipers said there is a community in mourning. "Father Ivan asked us all to pray for the family and he, himself got emotional. Everybody was in tears, pretty much, including the priest," said congregation members James and Jackie Taglia.

Congregant Frank Fortunato said it's times like this that their community comes together for families in need. "You know, thankful for the prayers, because of course we've all been praying for the family that maybe they'd find him and it would be okay, and of course of their grief that hopefully the lord will be with them and help them through tough times."

In all, five middle school rowers were on the boat that flipped over during Thursday’s storm. 

All were members of the North Orlando Rowing Club.