Central Florida teachers surprised with 'thank you' signs during Teacher’s Appreciation Week

Some Seminole County teachers woke up to an unexpected token of appreciation.

Lyman High School surprised every teacher with a 'thank you' sign on their front lawns. This was done to celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

One teacher told FOX 35 Orlando that it’s a wonderful gesture to let teachers know they are being thought of, especially in these times of distance learning.

Seminole County teacher. (FOX 35 Orlando)

Robert Hovel, a teacher at Lyman High School, said that "our administration really cares about us and wants to see that we get everything we need through this whole weird time all of us are in. Myself and all of my colleagues miss our kids terribly, the whole reason we got to school is for our kids and to not be with them is awful, to say the least. So, this little bit kind of helps us remember like ‘hey, we appreciate you guys and the administration sees everything you do at Lyman."

The Psychology and English teacher also said that he looks forward to seeing his seniors graduate soon.


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