Central Florida Red Cross sends crew to Gulf Coast as Hurricane Sally approaches

The Central Florida Red Cross says that they are already in the path of the hurricane season's most destructive weather.

"We've had a series of deadly hurricanes that have pretty much uprooted lives even as people have struggled with the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The American Red Cross is on the ground specifically in the impacted areas," Duhane Lindo of the Central Florida Red Cross said.

As Hurricane Sally aims for the U.S. Coast, Lindo said that they already have people in the danger zone and others supporting them. He specifically said that "we have two volunteers who are on the ground in Mississippi and three folks here handling logistics. Altogether, we have five people dealing with the mission of Hurricane Sally, right now."

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In addition, more volunteers and supplies are said to be ready to go, adding that "whatever is needed, we're doing this on a day-to-day basis. Whatever is needed for the folks who are affected by hurricane Sally, we'll send the necessary volunteers to make sure these people are taken care of."

Anyone who wants to join the Red Cross mission is welcomed as they are always looking for volunteers and donations. 

"All the help really is needed because of all the disasters we've been having as of late, during this hurricane season," Lindo said.

Find out how to help the Central Florida Red Cross on their website.

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