Central Florida pilot bringing water purifiers to Ida-ravaged Louisiana

A Central Florida pilot is heading to Louisiana to help out following Hurricane Ida.

At least 46 deaths have been blamed on the storm. President Joe Biden is scheduled to travel to Louisiana on Friday to assess some of the damage from the storm. Many people in Louisiana are entering yet another day without power or clean water.

Pilot Joe Hurston's plane isn't very big, but the purifiers he can carry inside will provide fresh water for thousands of people.

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Some people in New Orleans are starting to get their electricity back, but hundreds of thousands remain in the dark. The city's water and sewer utility company says they're doing their best to keep their pumping stations and water treatment plants running.

Hurston's high-tech purifiers can each provide water for 1,000 people a day. He says he's bringing ten of them. Last month, Hurston made a trip bringing purifiers to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

Hurston says he'll be leaving for Louisiana sometime on Friday morning.