Casselberry teacher wants stolen, 12-foot tall Halloween decoration returned

A Seminole County teacher is trying to get his giant Halloween decoration back after someone stole it from his front yard.

Casselberry Police said Scottie Pierce reported his 12-foot tall skeleton decoration stolen on Oct. 5.

“I’m 6-feet tall so you can imagine two of me,” Pierce described the decoration. “The eyes lit up. They would follow you. They would blink. It was absolutely incredible.”

Pierce said he turned off the lights on Sunday night before he went to sleep and the next morning the decoration was gone.

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“I was shocked,” he explained. “At first I was looking around like, surely this didn’t just disappear and then it sunk in that somebody stole it.”

Pierce said he bought the $300 skeleton because he wanted to spread some joy this Halloween in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was a way to bring Halloween to everybody and at the same time bring Halloween to us,” Pierce said. “We were going to put a giant candy dish under it and have all the candy in it so the kids could come up one at a time and get it so we could maintain social distancing but we could still entertain trick-or-treaters.”

Pierce said he traditionally donates plasma every two weeks and used the money he received from it to buy the skeleton. He said during the one week that the skeleton was outside his house people enjoyed it.

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“There were people that were honking. There were people that would come, they would slow down, they would take a picture and that’s what we wanted,” Pierce said. “It just makes me feel disappointed because our whole street we try to rally around and do what we can. It’s really a community here.”

Pierce said police have not been able to find the skeleton and unfortunately none of his neighbors caught the theft on their video surveillance cameras. Casselberry Police told FOX 35 News unfortunately every year they get a couple of reports of people stealing unique holiday decorations. Pierce said he has since upgraded his home security.

Pierce said he knows it is unlikely, but he wants whoever stole the skeleton to return it.

“Please just bring it back. You had your fun.”