Carjacker injures 88-year-old grandfather in Beall's parking lot

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Deputies in Pasco County say a suspect, possibly known as Killa, carjacked an 88-year-old man in a Beall’s parking lot, injuring him in the process.

According to the sheriff’s office, it was just before 3:30 p.m. Thursday when the elderly man was getting out of his car in the parking lot along U.S. Highway 19. That's when he said a carjacker pressed a gun to his back and demanded money.

“It was a revolver and anything could have happened,” said Robert Rodriguez, the 88-year-old grandfather.

Rodriguez said at first he pretended he did not understand the gunman’s demands, ignoring him.

“When he told me to get out of the car and I found my keys, then he pushed me,” said Rodriguez.

He fell to the ground, which caused bruises on his arms and cuts on his leg. He said the thief took his car from the parking lot and drove away.

“I think I was lucky. After all, I think I was lucky because he didn’t get what he wanted,” said Rodriguez, who said the gunman patted him down and did not get his wallet or any money.

He said he called his grandson to come get him, and they reported the crime.

Pasco deputies said the thief abandoned the car less than a mile away, where investigators recovered the vehicle and returned it to the owner.

“We had a witness who saw him get out of the car where it was recovered,” said Amanda Hunter, a spokesperson with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The grandfather said his injuries are on the mend, and it could have been worse. Now he wants deputies to catch the man responsible. He also told us his thoughts on someone his age being targeted.

“That doesn’t happen too often because not too many people my age are just going to stores,” said Rodriguez.

Deputies are hoping you can help them track down the gunman. The victim described him as a light-skinned black or Hispanic male in his 40s or 50s, around 5-foot-6 or 5-foot-7 tall, and approximately 160 pounds. He was wearing all black clothing and sunglasses and was clean-shaven with short hair.

According to a witness, the suspect’s name may be Allen. Deputies say he also may be known as or referred to as "Killa" or "Killer".

Deputies say anyone with information should contact them at 1-800-706-2488 and reference case number #19-019309.