Camera alerts Orlando woman of stranger rummaging through her apartment

An Orlando woman had quite the scare when her indoor camera alerted her of a stranger rummaging through her Downtown Orlando apartment early Sunday morning. The woman, who was not home at the time, received an alert from her camera on her phone and immediately called 911, according to police.

Officers said the incident happened around 3 a.m.  They arrived at the unit and arrested the accused intruder. A video the department shared Thursday afternoon of the alleged burglary is chilling to watch. In it, you can see the man enter the apartment and walk around. 

Body camera video from police shows the suspect was still inside the apartment when officers arrived minutes later. He told police he didn't know the homeowner. 

"Anybody else inside?" an officer asked the suspect. "No, no one else that I know of," the suspect responded. 

FOX 35 showed the video to people hanging out in Downtown Orlando Thursday night who couldn't believe what happened. 

"Orlando is kind of becoming unsafe lately, and it's just concerning," Marea Celentano, a Winter Park resident, said. "We always have to keep our doors locked. We have to really make sure that we're being secure in our home because things like that are happening now."

The suspect, according to police, is facing burglary and theft charges. The woman who lives in the apartment says her door was locked.


FOX 35 asked Orlando Police where exactly the crime happened and the identity of the suspect, but the department had not yet responded as of Thursday evening.

His identity was not immediately released.