Brevard County elementary school closed until after Labor Day due to COVID-19 cases

Parents whose kids are learning face-to-face at Golfview Elementary in Brevard County now have to switch to virtual learning.

The school is closed through Friday because of a growing number of coronavirus cases.

The district announced the decision on Tuesday night, so, several parents showed up Wednesday morning not knowing school was closed.

“The first call I got was Sunday night saying that my grandson’s class, just the class alone, was going to be home for two weeks,” James Neave said. “That’s still true.”

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James Neave said administrators told his grandson to self-quarantine because someone in his class has COVID-19. He can’t return to school until September 14.

FOX 35 News submitted a records request to find out how many students and staff members at the school have COVID-19. We’re waiting for a response.

Parents said they have the right to know.

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“That’s good to know,” Neave said. “I was asking them all along how was this individual known to be positive? Were they showing symptoms or random test? He said just now a random test.”

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The school will be deep cleaned while it is closed. Buses will not run this week either.

Neave said his grandson doesn’t mind the temporary switch to virtual learning.

“You’ve got to take precautions,” Neave said. “This is serious. I mean, nobody likes it, but what can you do? It’s the best thing. Hopefully it works out in the end, right?”

Golfview Elementary School is set to reopen on Tuesday after the Labor Day Holiday.