Bobcat spotted in Merritt Island

It’s not something you see every day --  a bobcat strolling up a Merritt Island street.

“It was really neat, I was like, I’ve never seen a bobcat just  kind of hanging around, “ said Dane Glick who captured the video.

Glick wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to catch the rare sighting on camera.

“When I first saw it is when I was really like 'Oh man I want to catch this on video,'  and then as I got closer I was like 'Holy cow, this thing’s not even moving for me,'” Glick said.

Glick says he was driving at his job in Merritt Island yesterday afternoon when he noticed the bobcat in his rear view mirror.

“I went back probably another 10 feet and I see it come back out of the wood line again and so I just turned around and filmed it walking up and down the road like it was nothing,” Glick said.

But as he captured the video, Glick says he was very  mindful of that fact that the bobcat is still predator on the hunt for prey, so he made sure to keep his distance.

“They’re powerful especially for their size, so I wasn’t going to tempt, you see all those videos of people messing with nature to the point where they learn their lesson, I didn’t want to be one of those guys,” Glick said.