Black Friday shoppers pack Central Florida stores looking for deals

Big box stores are bringing in big bucks, this holiday weekend. Shoppers hit the Kohl's store in Sanford before the sun came up, with many of them saying it's not their only Black Friday stop.

“I started in Ocala, I went to that one first, and then spent a little bit of money. Then realized I may have forgot a few things so I'm waiting till 5 o'clock for the next go-round,” said shopper Blue Dante.

The National Retail Federation says over the five-day holiday period, 165 million Americans are going to be doing some kind of holiday shopping. Many tell us they prefer to do it in a traditional, brick-and-mortar store, like this.

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“I just like seeing the objects in my hand and knowing that I'm gonna purchase this myself, than just see if it's gonna fit... so I think it's just easier to shop in store,” said shopper Arianna Milnes. 

Lots of people today said it wasn’t not just about the great sales – it was about great times with loved ones.

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“I think deals are good,” said shopper Earl Learned, “I don't mind keeping a little more money and I don't mind hanging out with my family.”