Experts warn of scams as shoppers look to snag deals this Thanksgiving weekend

Shoppers are out in full force to snag Black Friday deals a day early, but experts have a warning. 

Stores in the Orlando area were full of people looking for sales on Thanksgiving. Some shoppers say they head out early on Thanksgiving to avoid the bigger crowds.

“We just get here early and then get out early,” a shopper at the Orlando International Premium Outlets said.

But, with big crowds, people are also being more cautious than normal.

“Keep your bag close and keep an eye on your surroundings,” a shopper said.

Experts say your credit card will be safer to use than a debit card. Certified Financial Planner Evan Shear suggests just using one credit when shopping so you can easily keep track of your spending.

“If someone were to hack your account you would be more likely to recognize that charge,” said Certified Financial Planner Evan Shear.

Shear also warns people to be careful when you see deals that seem too good to be true in your email inbox because it could be a scam.

“With your email be careful of phishing scams there's like twice as many right now than normal so don't click on last minute deals that don't look legit to you,” Shear said.