Bithlo father confronts suspected burglar

Brian McDaniel, of Bithlo, demonstrated how he confronted a man whom investigators said was rummaging through McDaniel's car in the front yard of his home on Sunday morning.

When he came outside, he saw the suspect and also found that the back window of his wife's car had been busted out.

“I tackled him in the front of my car, because he got loose, and then father-in-law come out to help hold him down,” McDaniel said.

“He had him down on the ground, but he was trying to get back up. I ran and grabbed him by the arm,” said Rudy Richardson, the victim’s father-in-law.

Believe it or not, McDaniel and his father-in-law were able to tie up the suspect and keep him in the driveway for about 10 minutes, until deputies arrived.

Deputies arrested the suspect 26-year-old Cloud Miller, charging him with several counts of burglary and battery, tonight the Bithlo father says it was a senseless crime.

“It's wrong, we work hard for what we've got just to have someone come in and think they can just take it and leave," McDaniel said.