Bear plays peek-a-boo with California deputy at gas station

A video of a bear in California playing peek-a-boo with a deputy is bringing smiles across the internet!

On May 23, the Placer County Sheriff's Office posted the video to Facebook of one of their deputy's playing the game with a bear at a gas station.

"This cute bear was playing hide-and-seek with Deputy Staley, who caught him on video at the Tahoe City Shell Station," the sheriff's office wrote.

In the video, the deputy can be heard saying "Hey! I see you" to the bear, who quickly pops its head up from behind some trash cans and then ducks back down. 

As adorable as it is, the sheriff's office says that this is prime time for bears to come out of hibernation in search of food, and "they’re not shy about getting into your homes, cars, garbage cans, you name it!"

The sheriff's office is also warning the public to not engage with bears no matter how friendly they seem.

"They may look cute and fluffy, but they have real instincts!"

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