'Baby Trump' balloon could make Orlando appearance during president's rally on Tuesday

President Donald Trump is coming to Orlando next Tuesday to kick-off his 2020 presidential run, and as might be expected, protesters will also be organizing counter-rallies.

Thousands of protesters are expected, and local authorities say they want to bring big-time props. One group is asking to bring the President Trump baby balloon. They plan to have that 20-foot "Baby Trump" balloon in the air over Church Street, and additional law enforcement officers are expected to be on hand. 

"It's a very, very orchestrated effort, where we work with the organizers for such groups to make sure that everyone understands what the

Preparations are currently underway for Trump's June 18th appearance at the Amway Center.  The President tweeted on Wednesday morning that he has received word that the event already has 74,000 requests submitted for the 20,000-seat arena.