Authorities search for additional victims in alleged sex trafficking

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation (MIB) arrested three people, accused of human trafficking in Orlando. They said the suspects forced three teenage girls to have sex with numerous men.

Investigators said one of the victims ran from a resort along Turkey Lake Road to Orlando Health Dr. P. Phillips Hospital for help, and that's when a deputy realized she was a victim of sex trafficking. 

MIB Director Ron Stucker said the sex trafficking suspects prey on vulnerable teens, like runaways or those in foster care or on drugs.

"Offer to take care of them. Of course, once they had control over them, then what would happen is they would begin to exploit them and manipulate them," he explained.

Investigators said Tracy Koger, who also goes by the name Tracy Murray or "Sky," Shana Bryant, also known as "Period," and Tyrell Ponds, who has the nickname "Gummy," often used hotels off of West Colonial Drive or on International Drive.

"It’s awful. I would never think in this area. But I’m sure it goes on everywhere," said visitor Cheryl Hedge.

Stucker said the suspects would post the teen's pictures online and force them to have sex with numerous men.

"We’re hoping by giving the locations, their street names, someone may put it together, and say ‘I know who this is, I can help with the investigation!’"

"The one with the red hair I’ve seen her on the bus before," said Orlando resident Lee Cassidy. "It’s really sad. I think it comes down to the lack of morality and ethics."

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Investigators want the public to be on alert. 

"We really believe there are other victims out there that have not been able to identify yet."

Kyle Fray of the Victims Service Center of Central Florida said there are high rates of sex trafficking in Florida, especially with international airports and so many tourists. 

"It’s definitely something we turn a blind eye to. It’s definitely happening all around the city."  

Investigators said victims of sex trafficking often appear scared, are forced to stay quiet, and will not have a cellphone. They said do not approach suspected victims, but rather, call law enforcement if you think something is wrong.

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