Attorney stabbed in law office speaks out about recording of attack

An attorney who was stabbed inside a law office in Winter Park, Florida is speaking out about a recording that was taken during the attack.

Attorney Kevin Maxwell said he was attacked by his client’s husband Gordon King, as they were in the process of divorce proceedings

"I turned, my client’s right behind me. [The] court reporter’s over here and he struck me and struck me," he explained.

At the time, Maxwell said the court reporter was recording the incident, in which you hear King raising his voice and his attorneys telling him to stop.

King says, "You think you’re going to do something. You are wrong pal. You are going to be in more trouble than you thought you could ever be!"  King's Attorney said, "Gordon, you can’t do this! Gordon!"

Maxwell said King didn't stop.

"He braced himself and picked me up off the ground and my head into the table," King said.  

"In a minute, something else is gonna happen. Smile at me again! Smile at me again! Smile at me again you fat [expletive]. I will tear your [expletive] head off. And what are you going to do about that!" 

Maxwell said he never smiled and was more stunned.

"I said 'Get off me!' several times, and I pulled my pocket knife out and sliced right here, tried to get his arm. It just enraged him more."

Police said King claimed to be the victim.

"I told you, he pulled a [expletive] knife on me. He [expletive] stabbed me. He [expletive]  stabbed me!"

King's attorney said, "Gordon put it down!"

Police charged King with aggravated battery, false imprisonment and tampering with a victim. Maxwell describes what else King did and said.

"Said, 'You’re gonna die right here!' and that’s when I got my hand up and that’s when he sliced my thumb and I grabbed my knife and that’s when he sliced the side of my hand."

Maxwell’s left lung collapsed, and he said his nerves were sliced. While he’s in pain, he says he could have killed King.

"I had a pistol in my pocket. I could have shot him, but I didn’t think it was necessary."

As King is held in jail, Maxwell says he’ll continue to represent his client in divorce proceedings.