Artist installs swing on BART

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BART riders were surprised to see a swing suspended on one of the trains on their ride Friday. 

Artist Hunter Franks tells KTVU he designed and hung the swing as part of an art project. He hopes to get Bay Area residents to "re-imagine what their daily commuting experience could be."

He put the swing up on Friday at 1 p.m. on a train that departed from Civic Center. He left the swing up for about an hour. 

Franks tells KTVU both small children and adults tried the swing. He says people thought it was wonderful, and exciting. He says it made people smile. 

Franks wants to start a conversation with BART about bringing an Artist in Residence for a more enjoyable BART ride. 

He has not had a conversation with BART about his swing, but he's not concerned about backlash from BART or BART police. 

He plans to hopefully do it again with BART's approval. 

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