Armed security guards now in all Brevard County schools

Armed security guards are now in all Brevard County schools.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey says that "We believe that we have some extremely talented members that are gonna be helping us protect our schools."

Whether or not guns should be allowed on campus has been a controversial issue for Brevard County Schools. Sheriff Wayne Ivey says yes and that he is proud to say that 27 program graduates have completed the training, spending hundreds of hours preparing them to deal with a school shooter. 

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says that "they have been given a higher standard than a law enforcement officer going through training of proficiency on the range and everything else so it's a pretty good feeling knowing we have that caliber a person in our schools."

All of the armed guardians have police or military backgrounds.

The state wanted these security guards in place by the beginning of the school year in August, but because so much training was necessary, there was a delay. So, for the past few months, the Sheriff says that he has been using off-duty deputies and police officers.