Alleged sexual abuse of guinea pig in Frederick County parking lot under investigation, deputies say

A man reportedly sexually abused a guinea pig in a shopping center parking lot in Frederick on Sunday afternoon, according to authorities.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department told FOX 5 that the person was seen by others in a Target parking lot.

He reportedly told investigators that he had just bought a guinea pig from a nearby PetSmart.

Investigators said they're taking the incident very seriously – especially because the behavior can lead to more dangerous criminal activity.

“We have the animal in our possession, it’s safe – it’s being cared for and receiving any medical treatment it may need and follow up care,” said Linda Shea of Frederick County Animal Control.

A witness called the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department Sunday afternoon after they say they made a horrific discovery in the parking lot off Urbana Pike.

Deputies said they arrived just after 2 p.m. for a report of a guinea pig being abused inside a car.

Animal Control Officers took over the scene, but would not go into much detail regarding the investigation - but they told FOX 5 the allegations of abuse are sexual or invasive in nature.

At this point, no one is facing any charges.

For now, investigators are hoping anyone with more information will step forward.

“We want to make sure that if an animal was mistreated, abused, neglected…that we are able to get all the facts – sort out allegations from facts and make sure we pursue appropriately,” Shea said. “If anybody has any first-hand eyewitness information to any animal being mistreated, abused, neglected, you want to make sure you contact us if you're in Frederick County or your local animal control authorities.”

Charges could be handed down as soon as Tuesday, according to investigators.