'All hands on deck' at beaches to keep swimmers safe for Memorial Day weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and folks are hitting the beach. If you're heading into the waves, Brevard County Ocean Rescue Asst. Chief Derek Shore wants you to have a great time, but swim safe.

“We have rip currents up and down the beach, especially with the way the wind and the waves are going this weekend,” Shore said. He expects their lifeguards to be busy this weekend.

“We have 125 guards on our staff, we put about 50 on shift, and this weekend we're going to put as many people on who show up, we got a message out to our crew to come on in, and will up staff every beach with that we can,” Shore said.

Rescue crews say if you're caught in a rip current, don't try to swim straight back to the beach, you won't make it. Instead, swim to the left or right until you're out of its pull and then swim back in. If you can't do that, then wave to get a lifeguard's attention so they can save you.

Ocean Rescue says they have 27 lifeguard towers set up and down the county's beaches. They say the most important thing is to always swim in front of a lifeguard.